What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is hung from the main ceiling structure.

Also known as a drop or false ceiling, it’s made with a frame of metal tracks and suspended from the actual ceiling with wires. Lightweight tiles or panels are then inserted into spaces between the tracks to create the suspended ceiling.

When the suspension wires are properly installed, the drop ceiling is very sturdy. Even better, it’s quick and easy to install, making it a perfect choice if your renovation budget is low.

While steel grid and acoustical tiles form the majority of suspended ceiling systems, other materials can also be used which provide fire-proofing and resistance to mould and bacteria.

Typical buildings that use suspended ceilings include:

  • Retail units
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Units

They can also be used for domestic purposes and are particularly popular in conservatories and kitchens.

A dropped or suspended ceiling has several different benefits and could be just what your project needs.

What about the benefits of suspended ceilings?

Improved aesthetics

Drop ceilings come in a variety of designs. For instance, if there is a large space beneath one floor and the next, or the underside of a floor is exposed and unsightly, the overall look of your premises can be improved by installing a false ceiling that is aesthetically more pleasing. Not only will it fill the gap between each level and the one above, but it will hide the underside of each level.

This make a workplace more appealing for staff but also it can help to attract more customers through your doors since no-one wants to spend time in a retail or office space that is unattractive.

A drop ceiling can be customised to meet your business needs. By switching out the tiles you can easily change the appearance of a room. Drop ceilings can be used to create a modern aesthetic with colours and textures to match the décor.

Easy to repair

Should a tile get damaged, it’s easily fixed simply by swapping it out for a new one. This benefit is certainly appealing since the cost of repairing a traditional ceiling would be so much more.

Hide unsightly exposed components

Suspended ceilings can also be used to hide electrical cables, plumbing, and ductwork. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that a suspended ceiling is used commercial businesses.

If you want to convert an industrial-looking space into a modern one, for instance, a false ceiling can give you a smooth, sleek appearance while still allowing easy access should a repair be needed. Simply slide out a panel, carry out the repair, and slot the panel back in place. Simple!

Keeps heat in  

False ceilings are also adept at keeping the heat in because they add additional insulation between the floors of the building they are installed in. As a result, it can help to keep heating costs down during the winter months. It also limits the amount of heat escaping your premises, thereby reducing your environmental impact.

Better acoustics

Workplaces can be very noisy, regardless of whether they are designed to receive customers or staff-only environments. A false ceiling can work as an effective sound barrier between each floor, particularly when sound-absorbing tiles are used. Not only does it help prevent sounds penetrating from floors above and below, but it can also improve the acoustics of a room and allows staff to work more efficiently, free from distractions.

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